The French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife made a two-day state visit to Belgium in November, 2018. The delegation visits different cities at the invitation of the Belgian King Filip and Queen Mathilde. In addition to the protocol ceremonies, solemn receptions and the state banquet, there was also an important economic part on this two-day state visit. 

Urban Crop Solutions was selected to present itself as a Belgian high potential innovative company in the category ‘eco technology’. The royal and presidential delegation focused mainly on the past realisations, the technology and target markets of Urban Crop Solutions in the world.

In November 2018, eight entrepreneurs from four leading Belgian companies and four promising technology companies were given the opportunity to present their high-tech innovations during a state visit from the French president Macron to the city of Ghent. The presentation and the Q&A session was attended by the French President Emmanuel Macron, King Philip of Belgium, the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel and the minister-president of Flanders Geert Bourgeois. 

All selected companies’ mission contributed to at least one of four themes: circular economy, financial technology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, and eco-technology. Urban Crop Solutions was selected alongside with Sioen Industries in the ‘eco technology’ category. 

As a specialist in indoor vertical agriculture technology solutions, this was an excellent opportunity for Urban Crop Solutions to put its vision and innovative technologies in the spotlight.

“We are delighted to see that European leaders and our Belgian Royal family are deeply interested in  promising technologies and processes that can contribute in the near future to a better world,” says Maarten Vandecruys, CEO of Urban Crop Solutions. “I personally did not expect that the Belgian King and the French President had so many questions about our technology and our target markets. They were very enthusiastic about the international potential of our venture.”

Urban Crop Solutions is a one-stop-shop for turnkey and tailor-made solutions in the field of vertical indoor farming. The Belgian company, with offices in the United States and Japan, offers growing infrastructures and consumables for indoor farming such as seeds, substrates and nutrients. In addition, they offer consulting, research, training and after sales services. The advantages of its vertical farming solutions are endless and offer huge added value in the circular economy of today. Thanks to hydroponics (soilless plant growth on water) and the use of automation and robotics in a completely enclosed environment, the use of pesticides, herbicides or other forms of polluting products are obsolete. On top of that, 95% less water is consumed compared to traditional outdoor cultivation methods.

Urban Crop Solutions realised in 2016 the largest automated indoor vertical farming plant in Europe and has since then set up numerous research collaborations all over the world, including with Urban Health Farms. This is in part due to its industry-leading technology.

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