Urban Health Farms is excited to announce the acceptance of our technology partner Urban Crop Solutions into the EIT RisingFoodStars community.

EIT Food is a Knowledge and Innovation Community established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 and working in Europe to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted by consumers. The mission of EIT Food is to support innovative impactful agrifood entrepreneurs, startups and scale ups to deliver new food innovations and businesses across Europe. The RisingFoodStars program selects only those companies to participate in their community that will drive the disruption of the food system and thereby help tackle the strategic objectives of the EU.

For Urban Health Farms, this community represents many of our goals including disrupting the current food system, achieving long term food security and scaling up technology to meet the needs of modern consumers. 

Together with Urban Crop Solutions, 13 other young Agrifood companies were accepted from 10 different countries in Europe. Determining factors for the lengthy audit resulting in the admission to the RisingFoodStars Association included the unique business model as total solutions provider for indoor vertical farming, the built-up know-how on plant growth in closed environments, the availability of commercial working indoor farming growing solutions and the quality of the management team. The membership of the EIT RisingFoodStars will open many gates for Urban Crop Solutions and Urban Health Farms in terms of increased visibility and access to, and collaboration with, an expert network of industrial and academic partners in EIT projects.

“Over the last 5 years we worked day and night with our team with the mission to secure all built up knowledge to develop commercial products and services for our customers,” smiles a proud Maarten Vandecruys, co-founder and CTO of Urban Crop Solutions. “This acceptance is really the recognition of the great work of our team.”

Annick Verween, manager at EIT RisingFoodStars: “With Urban Crop Solutions we add again a new impactful member to our community who we know will leave a positive mark on society.”

“The vertical farming industry is getting recognized as an important global game changer in the future like the 3D printing industry was seen as such 10 years ago,” said Tom Debusschere, CEO of Urban Crop Solutions. “This acceptance strengthens our vision that focusing on economical crop yield is the only way forward for our fast emerging and promising industry to become mature. Turning our in-depth know-how into value for our customers is the promise that we will keep making in future.”  

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