“Today, more than ever, the food industry is in need of modernization, and the global adoption of indoor vertical farming will revolutionize food production and distribution,” says Bernard Sleijster, Partner and Director of Urban Health Farms (UHF). This year, we’re kicking off the launch of three new showcase farms in Italy, France and Spain, alongside professional investors and other parties.”  

“The first phase of operation are our showcase farms, which will be financed through the issuance of Convertible Bonds, and will allow us to swiftly begin operations in all three countries. During the second phase, we will launch our industrial-scale, fully automated indoor vertical farms using an Equity Fund as the finance structure of choice.”

Around the summer of 2021, UHF will launch a €100 million funding collaboration with a Luxembourg-based Fund Manager. Bernard says that they’ll need €10 million per farm covering all capital expenditures and that they will soon be operating in 10 different locations.

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