Urban Health Farms has received an investment of €2 million from the Capiva Plus Fund into our Convertible Bonds. The Capiva Plus Fund is a Luxembourg special limited partnership, investing in real estate and private equity.

Capiva Plus Fund’s seeding investment is part of a larger vision in the support of the planned Equity Fund that Urban Health Farms will be launching later this year. The Urban Health Farms Fund project structuring is guided by a well-established international organisation headquartered in Switzerland.

If you’d like more information about investment opportunities with Urban Health Farms, please contact our investor relations team at ir@urbanhealthfarms.com.

  +32 78 48 36 64
  44 Avenue J.F. Kennedy
      L-1855, Luxembourg



 +32 78 48 36 64
  Grote Heerweg 67
       8791 Beveren-Leie




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