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The world is changing at an accelerated pace. For those of us who work on feeding the growing number of people on this planet, that means we have to figure out innovative ways to do that, while addressing inequalities in wealth and food, producing food more locally in a healthy, affordable, sustainable way.

In Once Upon a Future, bestselling author and TEDx speaker Leen Zevenbergen presents us with a comprehensive description of the three biggest disruptors of our time: an exponential development in technology, a rapidly decaying ecological system, and widely spreading globalisation.

While food production is a focus in the book, it also dives into eight other megatrends that will change the world as we know it. From healthcare to education, financial systems to government, this important book presents us with complete future scenarios, ones that will impact us all.

A fascinating expedition into a world we all long for, Once Upon a Future is an important read for optimists, realists and even pessimists and will bring clarity and concrete hope that the future can be a better world. Supported by years of research, this book will shed new light on how you can actively contribute and enhance both your personal and professional life.

As a thank you for your support of Urban Health Farms, Leen has graciously offered an e-book of Once Upon a Future with a signup of our newsletter when the English version is published at the end of July, 2020.

Urban Health Farms Managing Director Leen Zevenbergen gave an inspiring 2018 TEDx Talk on the history of sustainability. In his speech, Leen calls on us to learn from the successes and failures of the sustainability movement, but also to dig deep and find the biggest inspiration within ourselves. After all, Leen says, following your dreams to building a sustainable future takes passion, energy and the desire to succeed. “Your passion will help us survive.”

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